How to Make a Massager Out of Thread Spools

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Sore back? No money to purchase expensive massagers or vibrating chairs? Well, while you save up to get yourself the real deal make a temporary massager using mere thread spools. When the spools are empty you can use them to make a manual back massager that helps you relieve bothersome back pain.
Use a piece of cord to decide how many spools you'll need. The cord you choose must be strong enough to hold the spools yet narrow enough to allow two pieces of cord to go through the hole of each spool. Cord that doesn't unravel easily is ideal. Instead of cord you can also use narrow ribbon, yarn or small roping.


Stretch your arms out past your sides, pulling a piece of cord out to that length, but don't cut the cord just yet. Lay the length of cord onto a table and use it to align spools in a horizontal row. Add as many spools as you need to have them equal the amount of cord on the table.


Still not having cut the cord, begin threading it in and out of the spools. Start by going through the top of the first spool then up through the bottom of the second. Thread down into the third spool, then up through the fourth. Continue this pattern until you've threaded all the spools. It's not necessary to butt the spools together; you can leave spaces between the spools so they'll spin easier. Cut the cord leaving several inches hanging off of each end.


Pull out another length of cord and thread the spools once again. This time, you'll start at the opposite end and go in the top where you previously went in the bottom of the spools. Spools that were previously threaded from the bottom will now be threaded through the top. When finished, cut the cord, once again leaving several inches hanging from each end.


You now have two cord pieces hanging from each end. Tie each set together with double knots. If you want you can add a drop of glue to the final knot to secure it. As you tie the knots, leave an opening between the end spool and the knots, to create a handle.


There are many ways to decorate or change the look of the spool massager. Paint the spools and add designs with paint markers. Or, wrap a sticker around each spool and leave the ends plain. You can also glue on fake jewels, sequin, and other craft supplies. The amount of embellishing you do is up to you. Just make sure you leave the edges of the ends of the spools as-is. The top and bottom spool edges are the part of the spool that actually connects with the skin, and you don't want any embellishments - other than paint - on these areas.


Hold the handles of the back massager and move it from side to side across the back area. The spools rub and massage the back muscles giving you some relief from back pain. The manual back massager will help loosen tight muscles, too. Make smaller versions, using mini spools, to massage legs and other areas of the body.


It's not mandatory that the spools you use be wooden. Nowadays, many threads are spun onto plastic versions of the spool. The plastic ones are fine for this craft but make sure there are no rough edges before using. Many manufacturers cut a slit into one end of the spool to hold the end of the thread. This slit can scratch or otherwise irritate. If there are any rough places on the plastic spools just use a piece of sandpaper to smooth the spool edges.

Back pain is a horrible thing but new products to treat back pain are very expensive. This simple spool massager may not be the latest in technological breakthroughs but it will serve the purpose while you save for something better.

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