2.Tantra - Adoration of Yoni and Lingam massage

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2.Tantra - Adoration of Yoni and Lingam massage


Tantric massage is a unique way for people to explore each other, sexually, in a very intimate way.


Centered on the genitals, the Tantric massage calls upon each couple to worship each other's genitals through an intimate and sensual massage. In Tantra, both male and female genitals are sacred parts of a whole. In combination these two parts form the most sacred icon of the East. The sacred union of the male and female genitals is considered the ultimate act of worship and an act of co-creative and divine incarnation. Representations of this association can be seen in temples throughout Asia. In the West this can be considered blasphemy, but in the East the union of male and female genitals is considered a high expression of religious iconography.


The Sanskrit word for the male genitals is "lingam". The female genitals are called "yoni". Whether members of a sacred covenant or separately, both are sacred. Together they are an expression of the divine. In sexual relations men and women do an act of worship that brings them as close to the heart of the deity as the man can get. This means that our sexuality is sacred by nature, because through the act we come to the divine and participate in making the love that holds the universe together.


In the Hindu Tantra the god Shiva is the male principle and therefore the god associated with lingam. Parvati, Shiva's companion and goddess (also known as the Shakti, or the life-giving divine principle of Shiva) is the female principle, associated with the yoni. The two divine entities form a whole, which is considered the fullness of the deity, which includes both the masculine and the feminine. It should also be noted that the role of the goddess Parvati as source of the power of the god Shiva speaks of the nature of the yoni, which is the source of all life.

The lingam and yoni also represent seemingly opposite or binary forces in the cosmic order of things. But these forces do not oppose each other, but are suspended. There can be no darkness without light and therefore both exist in tension, or balance. The same goes for the male and female principles represented by Shiva/lingam and Parvati/yoni. The goddesses/goddess and their respective genital symbolism have a spiritual life and a physical life, in Tantra. The same can be said of human sexual participation in general (whether seen through a sexual lens or not).

Go beyond sex

Because we are discussing tantric massage in the context of the sensual / sexual / erotic massage of this blog post, I will put the binary tension between the sexes aside. Not only because we do not discuss the pervasive gender division in this post, but also because the male and female principles are incorporated not only in the divine, but also in the human being (reflection of the divine in practically all systems of belief)

In reality we all possess what is traditionally regarded as male and female traits. The social constructs of what constitutes masculinity and femininity are broken by what is perceived as a departure from these forced social norms, wherever you look. We all know people who can go beyond the traditional boundaries prescribed by gender structures and they show us what I said at the beginning of this section: men and women share both male and female traits.

As far as massage is concerned, the type of couples involved is wide, so I want readers to understand that the language of this volume (although it may refer to the heterosexual model) is meant to talk to people of all gender identities. and sexuality. I also think it is abundantly clear that traditional gender concepts do not apply much in the world of massage. So, whether you read this as a proud owner of a yoni or a lingam and that your partners are the same sex or the opposite sex, the non-sensual nature of sensual massage allows me to expand the content of this volume to expand for everyone. To who is interested in the subject.


With this in mind, let's find out more about the tantric lingam massage.


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