How to Give a Good Back Massage

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Within massage is the very broad classification of back massage. Back massage is a very helpful therapy for stress relief and especially for those who have health problems including, but not limited to, backaches and other issues. Back massage is also a great way to bond with a loved one, or to simply help a friend relieve the stress of the day.

A warm quiet area where you and the receiver of the massage will not be disturbed is always important to have. This is essential for your concentration as well as for both of you to be comfortable. If you are comfortable with the receiver of the massage going topless or totally nude during the massage, a towel will probably be necessary. While a massage table is not necessary when giving a back massage, it definitely is preferable, however if one is not available, a bed or mat that is neither too soft nor too firm will also suffice. In addition, the person receiving the massage may also find it helpful to have a few pillows or cushions at hand during the massage. Massage oil will also be helpful when giving a back massage.

The most basic massage techniques that you may even be already familiar with can be referred to as effleurage, which is defined as "a delicate stroking motion in massage." This can be done by taking both hands, and firmly smoothing them up a person's back, close to, but still on either side of, the spinal column, and down again in a circular motion, making sure to concentrate on the muscle, and not pressing down too much on any bony areas. Firmly kneading along the muscle can also create the desired soothing or relaxing effect.

Variations on these basic massage techniques can include using your fingers to concentrate pressure in certain areas, or even using your whole arm to create a different effect.

More advanced techniques that are used in back massage include Swedish massage and deep tissue massage.

To learn more about other basic and advanced massage techniques that can be used during a back massage, it would be wise to consult a book about massage or a practiced masseur or masseuse. For the most in depth information on proper back massage techniques, it may be in your best interest to look into training and licensing for massage therapy.

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