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A good massage performed by a licensed and skilled professional can do more that just relieve muscle tension. The right type of massage can actually help bring about healing to the body from a wide variety of ailments.

Here is a brief massage menu that will help you choose a massage type that suits your needs.

Craniosacral: A craniosacral massage is a gentle massage which will focus on points along the head and spine. This massage type is used for relief of tension and migraine headaches. Clothes can remain on during a craniosacral massage.


Deep Tissue: Deep tissue massages works out knots and kinks located deep within muscle tissue and promotes increased blood flow to injured muscles or muscles afflicted with an illness such as fibromyalgia. A massage therapist will use strong, short massage strokes and apply pressure to reach deep into muscle tissue. Depending on the body area receiving a deep tissue massage, the patient may have to remove all clothing.


Localized: A localized massage will have the massage therapist focusing on a problem area of the body, like neck or shoulders. The therapist will choose the massage strokes that will bring about the most effective relief for the particular problem area.Lymphatic


Drainage: When the body's lymphatic drainage system is not working properly, body fluids collect and cause swelling (usually in extremities like legs, ankles and feet). A lymphatic drainage massage uses light, fluttery strokes to stimulate the lymphatic system and help push the excess body fluids out of the swollen area.


Reflexology: Only socks and shoes have to be removed for a reflexology massage, the therapist will focus the massage on specific points on the feet. Reflexology massage will stimulate nerve channels in the feet that will relieve pain in other parts of the body.


Swedish: A classic massage type that employs the use of long, smooth massage strokes to relieve muscle tension. Pressure may be applied to certain muscles and muscle kneading techniques may also be used during a Swedish massage.


Trager: Trager massage is somewhat different than any other massage type. Trager uses rhythmic rocking motions and stretches to relieve pain and reduce stress. The massage therapist may perform all the movements for the patient, or the patient may take an active role in the rhythmic movements. Trager massage can be done with a patient fully clothed.


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