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As a professional massage therapist, I have closely observed the top five massage techniques offered by top massage providing companies even those that provide mobile massage in London. I would love to engage you as we look into these massage techniques. I am sure you will see reasons with me why I chose them as the best.


1. Myofascial Release

The fascial system of the body transports oxygen and other nutrients to the cells. Hence a restriction in the fascia produces resulting impact on the cellular level thereby yielding poor cell metabolism, elimination, respiration, and lymphatic flow.

When there is the occurrence of these activities, the results are the pain, headaches, and other physiological challenges. These activities also pose a threat to the immune system, giving room for disease occurrences.

Since fascial restrictions are not seen in standard medical tests, in most cases, they are misdiagnosed.

There is a therapy that can successfully fight this restriction and this therapy is massage therapy. Professional massage therapists can assist in reducing or even eliminating the pressure with the3 aid of the collagenous barrier for a period of 3-5 minutes. The massage therapy uses the collagenous barrier as a lever to get into deeper restrictions.

2. Stretching

Stretching is a top trending massage technique in the year 2018. Here in London, many persons skip this part wellness and complete health plan.

Stretching provides an immediate sense of relief by reducing pain and tension. Stretching has been found to increase the range of motion and enhance relaxation as well.

Stretching has a high impact on every part of the human body From fascia and muscles to nerves, tendons, ligaments, etc. it takes its time to methodically and slowly elongate these regions making it possible to effect long-term changes in these body parts.

3. Taping

It is impossible to watch any sporting event without seeing athletes especially footballers with colored tape on their bodies.

Taping provides many aids to these athletes, and it comes with lots of benefits which include pain relief, enhanced muscle function, improved posture, better performance and better range of motion.

Taping tends to improve the athletes’’ neuropathies and biomechanics.

4. Medical Massage

The world has recorded a larger percentage of medical massage recipients. They receive these medical massages in the medical setting. This is beneficial was it aids them in relieving their pain as well as promoting their health thereby building trust with the expert massage therapist.

Medical massage does not just help the patients alone, but it also has some impacts on the medical practitioner as well. It helps the therapeutic therapist to be current on the thrilling trends while offering your customers the services they need.

5. Deep Tissue Massage

Statistics show that most of these massage clients prefer this technique and for this reason, it is one of the most popular massage techniques in 2018. This technique is quite complex, and hence it wreaks havoc on hands of a massage therapist.

It is of great necessity to use the techniques that will give you enough relief so that you do not get choked up while trying to reduce the stress of your clients.

I will advise that you conduct your massages on tables that has the tendency be lowered enough to reduce the stress of your weight. Always use your forearms to get the main job done.

These top five trendy massage technique analyzed in this article are superb. You can comfortably pick any one of your choices depending on your taste. For massage clients, never forget that many companies still offer mobile massage in London. Get the best you can and explore the tranquility of massage therapy.




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