A couples experience of a full body sensual massage

This is my experience of a full body sensual massage while living in London. My boyfriend and I are both very into full body sensual massages. He always likes to play with my tits while giving me a massage. I guess this is to be expected. He does the same exact thing when we’re in the shower. I have the cleanest tits in town when we take a shower together. It’s something that I’ve grown used to over the years.


We always use oil when giving each other a massage. It doesn’t always lead to sex or masturbation. It can though. It all depends on what we’re in the mood for. I know my man likes to get turned on. Just fooling around sometimes is enough for him. Though, he’s the type of guy who can fuck even when he’s dead tired. I try not to lead him on too much. The results are never good. I always hear him beating off in the bathroom if I grind his gears too much.


We don’t have a fancy massage table or anything like that. We just use our bed. The key thing to remember is to not use too much oil. Remember, any excess oil will get on the bed. If you’re new to this, then you’re probably going to want to put down a few towels. You may also consider buying a few bed sheets at your local thrift store. You can buy something that’s cheap and can be thrown away. It won’t be so messy after you get the hang of it.


Should you use lotion or oil? This is really the million dollar question. Lotion is much less messy. Nothing feels better than an oil massage. You should try to learn how to use oil. If it’s too much of a hassle, then just use lotion. Doing it with some sort of lubricant will be better than none at all. Keep in mind that you’re not trying to make everything greasy. You’re just trying to make everything you touch slippery. That’s it really.


How much time you spend on the pleasure zones is up to you. It all depends on what you want the final result to be. If you’re wanting to have sex afterwards, then spend plenty of time on them. Neither of you are going to want to bring the other to orgasm. You should focus on arousal. This is the most important aspect of the massage. You’re trying to get your partner’s blood flowing. If you can successfully do this, then the sex will be great.


Keep in mind your partner’s penis or vagina will have oil on it. You may want to skip putting lotion or oil down there. You do if there’s plans for oral sex later. Never forget that you’re going to be putting your face down there. That won’t be so much fun if it’s drenched in oil.


The first few times you give a sensual massage it may feel awkward. It’s that way for everyone. That’s not a reason to give it up. Instead, get yourself familiar with your partner’s body. Know where they like to be touched. You’ll soon develop a mental map of all the right places to massage. This will make it easier in the future. Everyone has sensitive areas on their body that may feel uncomfortable when massaged. It’s up to you to learn where those areas are on your partner’s body.



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