April 27, 2018

When we think about certain emotions and feelings an assumption is easily made while attributing them to men or women. In our society, what it takes to be a man is defined by a few words. Take a hint think of all “masculine” stuff.

Now think of male sensuality. What? That’s feminine. That is the biggest mistake we make, both men and women. Men are deprived of their true share of emotions due to this definition. It is unfair how what it takes to qualify as a male only involves all intense emotions such as anger. All the subtle things such as enjoying simple and small things are completely left out. Not only that but appreciating them too.

Men in all their human-ness are capable of being aroused without getting an erection. Or you can say that men are capable of responding to any stimulation in many other ways instead of an erection. There is an entire sensual journey which a man goes through. Think of sensuality as a two way street. Sensuality is a way through which a man responds to being stimulated. It’s a medium through which he feels the intimacy of every touch, the intention behind every whisper and exclusivity of an arousing gesture. At the same time it is also a road through which he expresses his sexuality. The way a man expresses his sexuality can tell you a lot about his sensual zones.

Isn’t it ironic how men who pay attention to their partners are on every woman’s list but this particular characteristic in men is not talked about at all and most importantly what it entails?

So what is it for a man and are men even aware of it?

Things as simple as listening to him carefully while he rants about his day can be stimulating. Paying attention not only makes you a good listener but it gives him this feeling of intimacy where he knows that you are with him without the physical touch.

Think of a sensual massage where he feels the tips of your fingers against his skin, soothing all of his senses and giving him immense pleasure. The way his body responds to every single touch and you feel that, now back to paying attention and responding to his rants. Think of how your words combined with the touch of your skin could take this experience to a whole new level. Taking him to that zone. Won’t it be wonderful? You are tickling his mind and his body in the same go. He can feel you all over himself.

Mind-body connection is important for achieving intimacy in relationships for that is the door through which you can access your partner’s sensual zones. And it is unfortunate that this very mind which thinks all these erotic things is ignored the most. This fulfillment of the mind is important and yes, it does lead to amazing orgasms (you can thank me later).

Ever wondered why all those perfume commercials involve women getting attracted to men wearing a certain perfume? Another way to tingle his sensuality is scent. Yes it applies to men too. A whiff of fresh air not only feels good to the sense of smell but there is another sense that ties it all together. It is the perception, how a certain gesture or even a simple thing such as a good scented perfume can be perceived.

The way your man responds to the simplest of things you do for him can be taken as a hint that it is present at both ends, so why you enjoy all of that while depriving him of his share of intimacy reached through his own emotional journey.

So next time before booking a massage try focusing on these things which might seem subtle and unimportant as the common narrative will have you believe but are effective in building a healthy relationship at the end of the day.


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