April 23, 2018

Massage being a form of way to ease pain and relief of stress has its a long history. It is believed that as far back as 25 BC, massage techniques have been in existence. It was believed by ancient cultures that massages and massage therapies had healing and body rejuvenating properties. Over centuries, the art of massage and massage therapy as evolved. In this modern era, it is not only meant for easing pain or relieving stress, it has now become a mult-million dollar business employing thousands, if not millions across the globe. More and more people are beginning to understand the benefits of massage therapy and as this understanding grows, different forms and types of massage therapies have been crafted out to suit different purposes. Today while you can take a sports or deep tissue massage in a spa, you can now equally stay at home or office and get a mobile massage.

According to AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association), mobile massage also referred to as out call or traveling massage therapy can be separated into two different categories: corporate or residential. Unlike massages taken in spas and the likes, mobile massage therapy is delivered in homes or offices. Regardless of all these, there are still some myths surrounding the topic of mobile massage therapy. Below are ten myths about the mobile massage therapy:

● The quality of a mobile massage therapy is lower than that of a spa massage. This is totally untrue. They offer the same quality of services if not even better because the mobile massage therapist comes in privately and has all time and attention you need, unlike a spa where there are several clients waiting.

● No one likes mobile massages. Well, this is totally untrue. According to AMTA, the number of mobile massages given have increased tremendously over the years. In 2012, it had an increase of 11%.

● It is not as comforting as a spa or resort. This is actually the opposite because a mobile service offers clients the convenience of having the massage session brought to them in their comfort zones.

● Mobile massage therapists are not professional enough. This is totally untrue. Many mobile massage therapists actually have their proper licensing and equipments to bring the perfect service.

● Mobile massage therapies are outrageously expensive. This is very untrue. Contrary to popular belief, the average cost is even below £90.

● Mobile massage therapy is most times associated with sexual activities. While there are services provided in that aspect, there is however a line of professionalism.

● Mobile massage therapists have lateness issues. Depending on location, it is advisable to order a mobile massage therapist in a mile radius or nearby. Ordering a mobile massage therapist from another town or city may cause friction.

● Mobile massage therapists are difficult to get in touch it. This is actually untrue. In modern times, properly licensed mobile massage therapists now have agencies, call lines and websites that make communication easier and faster.

● Mobile massage therapists do not have all the necessary equipment. Contrary to popular belief, many mobile therapists use a truck, van or car with plenty of trunk space to transport all of their equipment from one place to another which makes it possible for them to bring all the necessary equipment along.

● In conclusion, many believe they are only after profit. Unlike many spas and resorts, mobile massage therapists actually work odd hours and longer hours including weekends because many of their clients will have their free time during this period. So, they are actually diligent and not only after profit.

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