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Have you been looking for a good prostate massage in London? Maybe you have been wondering what a prostate massage is and how to get one? Are you being offered this practice more and more regularly when you go for a massage?  Let me tell you all about it and how to book one. 

The prostate, also known as the P-Spot is a man's prostate gland. A prostate massage can be very pleasurable for a man. It is known to increase enjoyment upon climaxing. However, there ​are other positives to a prostate massage. Many people have said a prostate massage can help with lasting longer and reduce erectile dysfunction issues. The reason for this is because massaging the prostate gland can bring more activity and blood flow to the whole area. It can help you to start feeling lost sexual sensations or discover new sensations you have never felt before. I recently read that the prostate gland is a man's emotional sex centre. This seems like an interesting discovery. It is known that women hold their emotions and tension in the vagina, but it is now found that men can hold stress, trauma, and symptoms of unhappiness in their prostate gland. This means that not only does it feel awesome for a lot of people but it also has a healing touch to the process. 

A prostate massage stimulates the prostate gland, it helps to wash away fluid from the gland and start to promote blood flow to the entire pelvis area. Having a prostate massage can be very pleasurable and can often help you relax. Combing pleasure and relaxation can often produce great endings to a massage. As mentioned before a prostate massage can help with erections, this is due to assisting blood flow to the penis during arousal. Many guys notice changes to their ability to be erection better and for longer. This is because erections sometimes become weaker or smaller as the years pass by due to ongoing constriction in the pelvic muscles. Constriction of the pelvic muscles limits blood flow and keeps the penis contracted internally. Massaging the perineum and prostate will help the muscles relax and increase blood flow to the whole area.  For all these reasons I recommend you try a prostate massage in London at least once for your own pleasure and also for your health. 

If you would like to book a prostate massage with me then I am happy to discuss this with you. There will be a £20 additional fee to explore a prostate massage with you. You will get a full body sensual massage plus an exploration of the prostate area. Add £20 on to the standard prices. 

Sessions start at £99 for an hour online discounts coming soon.

1 hour £99 - Reserve online and get £30 off - plus £20 for prostate exploration

2 hours  £179 - Reserve online and get £40 off - plus £20 for prostate exploration


Please note I can provide a naturist massage in my London sessions, but there is no sex or bjs offered in any of my massage sessions. 

One hour massage Book your session online and get £30 off! Normally £99 online rate £69 A £20 deposit will be taken. Please pay the rest in cash on arrival. Booking pa...
1 hour session £30 off! Online price £69
1 hr
Two hour massage Book your session online and get £40 off! Normally £179 online rate £139 A £20 deposit will be taken, Please pay the rest in cash on arrival. Booking pa...
2 hour session £40 off! Online for £139
2 hr

Everything you need to know about Prostate Massage London

In today’s over proliferating world, everyone is in a haste to hit the niche; and in such a hurry they do not have time for the most important aspect of life - health. Nowadays, every single person is facing the hard, bad times, ending themselves into the claws of health ailments. It is a must to overcome such glitches and here is where a simple massage plays the ace of spades. Limiting our discourse to a specific type of massage, let us talk about prostate massage.

Prostate massage is a method for massage in which the prostate gland of a human body is stimulated and massaged externally, internally or both ways. Prostate massage is an experience that enables the unraveling of the spiritual dimension which is again, a bliss to attain. It is a pathway that leads to a connection between physicality and spirituality. When the physical dimension is eluded all there is left is the spiritual dimension where lies the natural existence of...

Prostate Massage London Is What Every Man Needs To Try

Massage is a soothing word. It brings back all the missing composure and brings us into a relaxing mode. Moreover, it brings back the body balance and stabilises the blood pressure, thus, maintaining the optimum blood flow. In most of the countries, it is deemed as a medication to certain issues and also claimed as the facile method of establishing a soul to soul connection.

When the same couple with sexual activism, or sexual arousing, massage becomes even more intriguing and wanted, especially for males having an uncontrollable libido. For witnessing its detailed form, or to avail the same, you can simply type search prostate massage London or to avoid the pain and get to it even quicker, just check out an Alternative massage.

What it is all about?

Not exaggerating but any person residing or travelling to London can extrapolate to grab an access to the wide diversity of sex services available. Since, comparatively it sounds more hypi...

It is safe to say that most people are familiar with what massages or massage therapies mean. Massages basically mean using hands, equipment and other body parts to knead and rub muscles around the body in order to either ease one form of pain or the other or relief stress and tension. The term 'massage' is extremely broad with a really wide scope. It comprises of several forms and types of massages, one of which is the Full Body Sensual Massage (FBSM). To better understand what the full body sensual massage is all about, one must first know what the sensual massage is.

The sensual massage according to Wikipedia is the use of massage techniques by a person on another person's erogenous zones to achieve or enhance their sexual excitation or arousal and to achieve orgasm. Sensual massages have roots also in happy ending massages. The full body sensual massage however is a little bit above this. The full body sensual massage is somewhat total and more erotic kind of. According to kinkly, a...

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