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Welcome to tantric massage for women. It is a pleasure to invite you to read about tantric massage for women.

This is often seen as a lesbian massage, but this massage can be enjoyed by all women who enjoy and appreciate the pleasure of touch. The massage adapts to what you and your body need, want, and crave. This session is for you and I am happy to cater your desires. 


Lesbian massage in London often offers yoni massage. A yoni massage is part of the tantric massage for women session. Sensual tantric massages for women have been practised for centuries. There are endless benefits to having such a spiritual and connecting massage with another female body.


Let me take you on a journey of the mind and body, with soft touches and caresses from me. I will slowly guide you to heightened feelings and releases of feminine energy. Erotic arousal is accepted and welcomed. Your energy is allowed to flow freely and endues a state of mental and physical bliss.


I am currently based in Central London. Contact me to book a session. 


Contact me to find out more or click on my sister site to read more about massage for women. 


£99 for one hour

£179 for two hours



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May 2, 2018

Get a real lesbian yoni massage in London here:

When we discuss massages, there are of course a lot of options and types of massages to talk about. One of these types is the Yoni massage. Breaking it down, yoni means Sanskrit (classical Indian language) for the vulva and means ‘sacred portal.’ The focus of the yoni or yonic massage is the vagina and clitoris as it contains about 8,000 nerve endings. The yoni massage is usually done by a female or a masseuse and most times, the method is for the masseuse to rub her oily body all over her client in order to stimulate her and when near climax, bring her down and repeat the process over and over to release tension and for ultimate pleasure.

Just like many other top cities, London is a major player on the massage scene. The history of massage therapies in London dates back as far as the 18th century and gradually other forms of massages came into view including the yoni massage. In this present day, yoni or yonic massage...

July 26, 2017

It seems to some people's surprise that yes older women still want to enjoy sex and sensual experiences. I have had a few older women come to me for a sensual massage. We don't stop feeling just because another birthday has passed by. 

"Portuguese decision to cut 50-year-old woman’s compensation over botched gynaecological surgery was ‘prejudiced’, say Lisbon judges."

"Judges in Portugal were guilty of sexual discrimination in a medical compensation case when they decided that the importance of sex diminished with the age of a woman, Europe’s human rights court has ruled."

I'm glad the case was resolved and hopefully more women in general do not have to justify wanting sensual experience regardless of their age.

All ages, genders, and sexualities are welcome to come for a sensual massage. I don't need a judge to let me know what is important to women.  

Let's meet and talk about your sexuality if you are based in Victoria B.C

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“A world where it is safe to love is a world where it is safe to live”
Serena Anderlini-D'Onofrio

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