Full body Sensual Mobile Massage in London

Find out how to get a full body sensual mobile massage in London. I am often happy to come to you in your times of needing a full body sensual massage. If you are in zone one of London or within 20 minutes of my current location you may be in luck. I can offer a mobile massage in London when I am not too busy or feeling cozy at home. Feel free to contact me and check if I will be happy to come to you and offer a massage in your hotel or home. There may be times when I will request a deposit before agreeing to see you. This could be due to lack of certainty, being busy, or due to it being late or early and do not want to travel unless needed. I will be updating my online reservation page very soon to enable you to book a mobile massage in London in advance Please note that there is a £30 outcall fee on top of standard prices. 

Mobile massage fees are as follows: 

1 hour mobile massage is £130 

90 minute mobile massage is £179 or online discount booking price is £149 

2 hour mobile massage is £199 or online discount price is £169


Two hour massage at your place. Book your session online and get £30 off! Normally £199 online rate £169 A £20 deposit will be taken, Please pay the rest in cash on arri...
2 hour mobile £30 off! Online for £169
2 hr
Mobile massage, woman mobile massage, mobile massge table
90 minute massage at your place. Book your session online and get £30 off! Normally £179 online rate £149 A £20 deposit will be taken, Please pay the rest in cash on arr...
90 mintue mobile massage discount - £149
1 hr 30 min


Massages for a very long time have served as an effective way to heal pain and relief stress. It has a long history no doubt and it dates back to as far as 25 BC. Over centuries and eras, the art has undergone several sorts of evolution to not only become a very effective way of healing pain and relieving stress but also become a major economic force controlling millions, if not billions of pounds. Every day, the demand for massages and massage therapies are soaring, hence, the need to expand the business and employ more people. Let’s face it, it is not exactly everybody looking for a perfect or good massage therapy that has the time to visit a spa or parlor or any other massage centre. Some don’t just have the time or space to visit one. It is due to this and several others that mobile massages and mobile masseuses came into being. Check out my incall and outcall rates for massage



According to AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association), mobile massage also referred to as outcall or travelling massage therapy can be separated into different categories: Corporate or Residential. Unlike massages and massage therapies done in spas and massage parlours, mobile massages and massage therapies can be delivered in homes and offices. In other words, these forms of massage are delivered right to your doorstep. Over the years, mobile massages have grown to become common in several cities around the globe, and one of those cities is London. It is an undeniable fact, London is advanced enough and with all necessary facilities and technological advancements to make the mobile massage business to not only grow but also thrive effectively.


In London, there would definitely be a wide range of mobile massage therapies and agencies to choose from. In choosing the best place to find a perfect mobile massage in London, one might be faced with certain challenges. Different things work for different people. In getting the best place for a mobile massage in London, factors such as; distance, price, availability and several others must be put into consideration. For example, it would not be really reasonable for an individual residing around Fen Lane in North Ockendon to order the services of a mobile masseuse around Heathrow Terminal. Neither would it be reasonable for a moderate earner to order mobile massage services worth around 1,000 pounds. It is just like knowing the right things and what you want.

In London, there are probably more than a thousand mobile massage masseuses and getting the right one as stated earlier would depend on several factors. Few of the mobile massage services in London and their prices would be considered (Treatwell).


Here are some examples of professional mobile massage therapists at the lower to midrange prices. 

  • Mark Weaver Massage Therapy; Homerton, London. The price starts from approximately 35 pounds and can sometimes rise to as high as 60 pounds depending on the time spent and the type of massage.

  • Simply Elegance 2 You; Central London, London. According to Treatwell, it has a perfect 5.0 rating from all orders. The prices range between 51 and 62 pounds (discounts inclusive) depending also on time and type of massage.

  • Serenity and Holistic Balance Health; London. With a perfect 5.0 rating, it is certainly one of the best in London. Prices could be as low as 52 pounds and could also be as high as 137 pounds depending on time spent and type of massage.

  • Soothing Luxury Massage; Kingston Upon Thames, London. It also has a 5.0 perfect rating. Prices start from a low 24 pounds and could rise depending on time and type of massage therapy to 40 pounds.

  • Massage Therapy Lani Ha; Central London, London. It has a 4.9 rating and the starting price with this mobile massage therapist is about 49 pounds.

  • ABC Massage; Marylebone, London. It has a 4.8 rating with prices ranging between 50 to 100 pounds.

  • Kiyora Japanese Massage; (a home massage service for females only), Swiss Cottage, London. Prices range between 55 and 100 pounds depending on time and form of mobile massage therapy.

  • White Rose Mobile Massage Therapy; Southwark, London. It has a perfect 5.0 rating and prices range between 55 and 90 pounds depending on several mobile massage factors.


It is not quite possible to include all mobile massage therapists or mobile massage agencies in London in this article. However, the few that have been highlighted shows that one cannot really point out one in particular to be the best, one can only go for what suits his or her needs. In conclusion, in getting the best mobile massage therapy in London, one must put into consideration, ambience, cleanliness, staff and value of the mobile massage agencies.


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